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Mandala - creating

The mandala comes from Tibet, where it was used by monks in Buddhist temples as a means of meditation.

The mandala of the five elements metal, fire, wood, earth and water allows us to explore the essence of the mind, it embodied the reality and inherent relationships between energy, body, mind, emotions and wisdom.

We know Christian, Indian, Buddhist, Egyptian, Greek, Slavic mandalas

Mandala will bring peace and balance in partnerships and interpersonal relationships.

It helps to create harmonious feelings of self-love, the ability to love, accept and accept the feelings of others, Mandala helps with self-love and self-awareness.

Already in ancient cultures, mandalas were a sign of something mysterious and powerful.

Each mandala has its own energetic and unique radiance.

It is an original piece that needs time to be create in order for the mandala to fulfil its purpose.

Mandala is ideally a gift, decoration for an apartment, a meditation aid, an office, an apartment ... The mandala radiates energy whether you work with it or not.

Mandala for a family, a partnership, for prosperity and success, health, peaceful sleep, for children, wedding, corporate ... angel mandalas formed according to the medieval alchemical tradition.

How I start to create a mandala: by name, date of birth, individual needs or desires.

First, I calculate the number of shapes according to Pythagorean numerology and choose the colours that the mandala will contain.

With the help of a ruler, compass and protractor, I begin to form. I never know in advance what the mandala will look like. I insert individual elements and patterns.

Finally, I place the colours. Creation takes several days but also weeks.

You will receive a cover letter to the tailor-made mandala, which contains an exact description of how to work with the mandala.

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