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Mandala: Artistry Unleashed

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The origins of the mandala can be traced back to Tibet, where Buddhist monks utilized it as a meditative tool in their temples. To learn more, visit: What is a mandala

Mandala being created by traditional technique

The mandala, featuring the five elements of metal, fire, wood, earth, and water, offers us an opportunity to delve deep into the core of our minds. It symbolizes the inherent interconnectedness of energy, body, mind, emotions, and wisdom. We see various incarnations of mandalas in Christian, Indian, Buddhist, Egyptian, Greek, and Slavic cultures.

Mandalas are known to foster peace and balance in partnerships and interpersonal relationships. They promote feelings of self-love, empathy, and acceptance towards others' emotions. Additionally, mandalas have been associated with self-awareness since ancient times, often serving as symbols of the mysterious and powerful.

Hand drawn black and white mandala with musical motives
Hand drawn black and white mandala in circular shape

Every mandala boasts a unique energy radiance. This original piece requires dedicated time to create, ensuring the mandala can fulfill its intended purpose.

Mandalas serve as an ideal gift or decoration for a home or office space, radiating energy irrespective of active engagement. They can be personalized for families, partnerships, prosperity, success, health, peaceful sleep, children, weddings, corporations, and more. Angel mandalas, in particular, are designed following the medieval alchemical tradition.

painted mandala in blue and green colours
blue painted mandala with purple highlight
colourful mandala

When I start creating a mandala, I begin with a name, date of birth, or specific needs and desires. I calculate the number of shapes using Pythagorean numerology and choose the colors for the mandala. With a ruler, compass, and protractor, I start the formation process. I never know what the final mandala will look like in advance. I add individual elements and patterns, and finally, apply the colors. The creation process can last several days or even weeks. With each mandala, I provide a detailed guide explaining how to interact with it.

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U are so skilfull. U make so beautiful handmade with love ❤️🥰😘

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I bought a couple of mandala canvases from Lubica as creative presents for my children (12 & 15 yo) over the recent lockdowns. They both thoroughly enjoyed the project of colouring in areas and creating beautiful vibrant patterns. Thank you Lubica for advice and for creating the beautiful base the kids spend hours filling in.

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thanks Suzie 😉

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